Why is Realtime Reporting so Useful to our Clients?

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Realtime court reporting is the translation of steno (the Court Reporter’s shorthand) to English in realtime. A realtime transcript can be delivered to a laptop or iPad within seconds of the words being spoken. The realtime transcript can also be streamed (via Internet connection) anywhere in the world.

There are multiple benefits to using realtime, but here are the top 10 our clients rave about:

  1. The ability to verify the specific question asked was specifically answered.
  2. The ability to instantly impeach a witness.
  3. Using the iPad realtime feed for taking notes, rather than having to rely on memory.
  4. Searching the realtime transcript for keywords, phrases and subjects or issues you may want to cover in questioning.
  5. Marking within a transcript a question, answer, objection or subject matter you would like to follow up on.
  6. In cases where the proceeding is held in a room with poor acoustic quality, there is a participant with a hearing deficit, or perhaps when there is a soft-speaking witness or a witness with an accent, the realtime transcript is essential to hearing, understanding and following what is being said.
  7. Since the transcripts are instantly captured, stored and available, the cost of an expedited transcript is generally eliminated, thereby saving you time and cost.
  8. A party or counsel can participate remotely via Internet streaming, become part of the proceedings and view the transcript.
  9. When a question or answer needs more explanation, our client can simply read the question or answer directly rather than trying to rephrase what was asked or answered or having to ask the court reporter to read back.
  10. And the top one is: “If the opposing party is using realtime, then I need to be using it too.”
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