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video-conferencing-iconOur Internet conferencing and videoconferencing options are perfect solutions when you need to have an interactive, face-to-face meeting without the added expense or inconvenience of travel.  You can now participate in a videoconference deposition, proceeding, or interview from nearly anywhere.

Videoconferencing provides you with quick and easy coordination, broad coverage, and significant savings.  With this cutting-edge technology, you can now stream secure, live video, text, and audio across the world or down the street using a high-speed Internet connection and a web browser.  No download is required, and parties at multiple locations are quickly and easily connected.

Equipped with IP videoconferencing and wireless Internet, this service allows attorneys, clients, paralegals, and experts to conduct a realtime, face-to-face meeting in the most productive, efficient, and cost-saving manner.  In a secure setting, parties can view transcripts in realtime, and share documents and exhibits.

Through our affiliated networks, we have access to a worldwide network of videoconferencing suites, as well as the ability to connect remotely from any device and stream video and text using a web browser (Remote Counsel).   CameoTM by Remote Counsel allows for a mobile connection via your iPhone or Android device, laptop or desktop computer, and standard videoconferencing device, just by using a dial code and a web address, which makes it convenient to videoconference from anywhere in the world from any device, without the need to book a separate conference room or location.

Both our Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington offices are equipped with IP videoconferencing, 50-inch HD televisions, Remote Counsel capabilities and Polycom cameras.   Please contact our office, and let us coordinate and schedule your sites and all services for your videoconference, Internet text and/or video streaming.

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