• I have worked with Jan Schmitt and her staff for over thirty years.  They show up when they say they will, the transcripts are delivered on time, if not sooner, and I just never worry about the quality of the product.  Just as important to me, she is so involved in the community – which is a requirement for me to work with anyone from whom I need services.  I would not think of using anyone but Schmitt Reporting.

    Scott Horenstein Scott Horenstein Law Firm
  • My boss is picky for a good reason: Her clients pay good money to put their future and the future of their children in her experienced hands. So when she has me call Schmitt Reporting, it is because she knows we will get the most complete, professional service, from the minute Robin and Jenny cheerfully take that first call, to the minute they deliver--so very promptly and accurately!--that initial mini-transcript with index. We recently had a case where the other attorney used his court reporter for depositions--she did not provide us with "green" minis, and NO INDEX with the initial transmission! It was a nightmare! It just reminded us how lucky we are to have Schmitt Reporting any time we get to order the court reporter!

    Susie Shepherd Legal Assistant
  • I have used Jan Schmitt and her reporting services for more than a decade and it has helped my practice immensely. The majority of my practice is medical malpractice defense. These cases frequently involve complicated factual scenarios that are heavy on obscure medical terms. Schmitt Reporting meets the complexities of these cases with unfailing accuracy, excellence, and professionalism.

    John Hart Hart Wagner
  • I have used the reporters Schmitt Reporting for nearly two decades, and have always received outstanding service (reliable, punctual, cheerful, professional) from excellent reporters — in depositions and in trial. From complex medical malpractice cases to straightforward injury cases, Schmitt Reporting has been there for us and is able to work with the ever-changing pace of litigation. I highly recommend Jan Schmitt and her crew!

    Jane Paulson Paulson Coletti
  • I am a trial attorney that has practiced in the greater Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington area for over 30 years. I have worked with Jan Schmitt and her company of court reporters for most of that time. I strongly endorse her and her company. They are always dependable; their reporting is always accurate; they know their business and their prices are always fair. If you need a court reporter--Schmitt Reporting is the best choice!

    Craig Schauermann Schauermann, Thayer, Jacobs, Staples & Edwards

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