iPad and Internet Streaming

realtime-streaming-iconSchmitt Reporting’s superior realtime court reporting is accomplished simply by sharing a wireless network connection directly from the court reporter’s laptop to your laptop or iPad. (We are able to provide you with a laptop or an iPad should you need one). Using realtime court reporting puts you one step ahead, with the ability to reread and quote prior testimony, annotate or highlight key areas of questioning, search for keywords, as well as view and verify prior testimony. You can even connect after a proceeding has already begun and receive all prior testimony. Most clients use realtime reporting to confirm the precise question asked has been answered. When using iPad realtime, at the conclusion of the proceeding simply email the draft transcript to your desktop for future use.

In just a matter of a few minutes we can get you set up with realtime reporting for your next deposition. It’s quick to install, easy to utilize, and incredibly helpful. Please contact us to learn more about this service.

Our realtime court reporters are highly skilled and technically trained. The high-quality rough drafts our professional court reporters provide can save you the cost of daily or expedited transcripts.

Interpreted proceedings go smoothly and take considerably less time when using realtime court reporting. This service is also invaluable for the hearing-impaired.

Our court reporters are proficient in supporting:

  • CaseView
  • Summation
  • Bridge
  • LiveNote
  • Realtime Software
  • Connection Magic
  • LiveDeposition

Internet Streaming

Internet streaming is the most technologically-advanced form of reporting. If you or a party is unable to attend a proceeding, we can simultaneously stream realtime text, video, or both via a secure Internet connection from the proceeding site to your desktop or laptop allowing you, your client, expert, paralegal or other counsel to watch the proceeding as well as view the transcript text.

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