Video Recording for Legal Professionals

legal-video-iconSchmitt Reporting & Video offers comprehensive and advanced legal videotaping, which can be conducted anywhere—in your offices, at an off-site location, or in our conference rooms in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, or with our national and international partners. Our professional video technicians and equipment ensure high quality sound and image.

With video and text streaming, you, your client, your expert, or other legal professionals can be a part of a proceeding from anywhere in the world. Video and text are simply streamed via a high-speed Internet connection, allowing you to view testimony in realtime. This will not only increase your participation in proceedings, but it eliminates travel and associated expenses.

Additionally, our video-to-transcript synchronization allows you to view the video and transcript simultaneously.  When your video-to-transcript synchronization is trial-ready, it can simply be exported to a variety of trial presentation software programs, including Sanction, Trial Director, and Visionary, as well as many trial management programs, including LiveNote, RealLegal I-Binder, Textmap, Summation, and DepoView.

SuperDepos or Illustrative Depositions, which include graphics, documents, exhibits, and witness interactions, are made easy with our professional videographers. Allow us to use this advanced technology to ensure your deposition is as detailed and effective as possible.

Providing post-production editing with quick turnaround — perfect for perpetuations when the trial is just around the corner.

High-quality legal video recording services including these essential features:

  • Experienced professional videographers
  • Professional, broadcast-quality digital cameras
  • Individual Lavaliere microphones
  • Professional sound mixers
  • Professional backdrops
  • Standard CLVS National Videography Guidelines
  • Simultaneous backup
  • Standardized framing protocol
  • Sound and picture quality monitoring
  • HD capability
  • Exportable to MPEG-1, MPEG-4, .wmv, .mov, .avi, MPEG-2, and .dv
  • Time-coded transcripts
  • Numerous trial technologies
  • Same-day turnaround—having the capability of burning a DVD on the spot.

Use our expert legal video recording to guarantee that you are providing superior service to your clients.

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