How to Motivate Reporters to Become Realtime Writers

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The key to motivating your reporters to do realtime is to make the realtime hookup easy and successful. It is essential that you understand the program you’re asking them to use and be there for any support they may need. In fact, you should be one of those realtime writers. Set a good example and understand what it’s like to write realtime. Start out by assigning the reporter to clients who understand and appreciate realtime.

To begin with, you need to find an easy realtime system. In our case, we chose iCVNet from Stenograph. This program provides realtime through a wireless router to an iPad. Eclipse also has a similar program. We provide the iPad(s), and the reporter provides the router and realtime iCVNet license. The hookup is seamless and pretty much foolproof. By choosing an easy program to navigate, the reporter only needs to worry about the realtime writing, rather than the mechanics of making equipment and software work.

We started realtime writing as a group, taking on the program together so that if one reporter had any operating issues, you had support within your own office to assist and help troubleshoot. To provide true and consistent realtime, we felt we needed at least four realtime reporters. You must have multiple realtime reporters so one reporter isn’t shouldering the realtime work. We hook up our realtime at nearly every case we take, so there is no confusion in how to set up a successful connection each time. We also require a case caption at the time each realtime job is scheduled so the reporter has an opportunity to create a job dictionary in preparation for the job.

What surprised us is how much our clients love the program. They will actually sell it to other clients. One time in the courtroom, our iPad was passed all around the room for everyone to watch. It’s actually fun, and you feel good providing a service that’s so useful and helpful to your clients.

Your transcripts become easier to scope and simply more accurate, thereby saving you precious editing time. Another bonus is an increase in income. You make more money from realtime jobs and the added potential for rough draft orders.

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