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Jan Schmitt

Janette Schmitt

Jan Schmitt is the owner and founder of Schmitt Reporting & Video, Inc. She first learned about court reporting in her high school business class from one of her teachers, and the rest, as they say, is history. After graduating from the Court Reporting Institute in Portland, Oregon, in 1982, Jan set out, guns blazing, on her court reporting career and has owned her own firm ever since.


It is clear today that Jan still carries a deep passion for her career, as she is still one of the firms’ reporters, taking everything from realtime reporting to medical malpractice.  One thing that Jan enjoys about her job is that she is constantly learning about new things and every day is different.  She loves the people she has met and has had the privilege to work with over the past 30 years.  Jan loves personally meeting new clients, as well as working with them on implementing and providing the newest industry technology.

When not reporting, Jan can be found outside.  She loves doing anything that gets her moving:  biking, running, skiing, gardening, and swimming.  When the Northwest weather brings Jan inside, she loves to try out new hobbies, like card-making, knitting, and cooking.  Jan lives with her husband, Greg, in Vancouver, Washington, and together they have two twin daughters.

Robin Kramer

Robin Kraemer

Robin Kraemer is usually the first person clients talk to, whether by phone or by visiting the Vancouver office.  Her responsibilities include answering phones, greeting clients, overseeing the deposition schedule, production and billing of Jan Schmitt’s transcripts, helping out as needed with other reporters’ transcripts, and just about whatever it takes to help clients and reporters get their jobs done efficiently.  Each day presents new challenges, so Robin finds that she really does a variety of jobs as the need comes up.


Outside of the office, Robin is a sport and outdoor nut.  She plays women’s outdoor soccer, regularly walks/runs during the lunch hour, loves camping and the beach, and will never put in enough yard work on her 6-acre property to say it’s done.  Robin is married to another sports nut and they have two children in college and a really great dog.  Robin and her husband are loud and proud members of the Seahawks 12th Man and can be found in Section 329, CenturyLink Field, on any given Sunday during football season.  GO HAWKS!

Cori Willis

Cori Pace

Cori Pace began working at Schmitt Reporting & Video, Inc., as a scopist in February 2012.  She now does scoping and proofreading, and you can also find her helping out in the office in the mornings.  Coming from a background of 13+ years in the legal field as a secretary, transcriptionist, and paralegal, Cori brings her legal knowledge to this position.  She also has a tremendous love for the English language and editing, having received her Humanities degree (with a focus on English) and a Professional Writing Certificate from Washington State University in 2008.


Cori lives in Vancouver with her husband and two puppy dogs, Max and Maggie.  In her free time, she enjoys hiking in National Parks, spending time with friends and family, as well as gardening, reading, and watching movies.

Camille Schmitt

Camille Schmitt Harrington

Camille began her long-standing career at Schmitt Reporting & Video during her childhood, stuffing Christmas cards, creating promotional material and managing the ever full shred bin.  Since then, her position has covered a wide spectrum of responsibilities and has now grown to in-house videographer.  When she is not out in the field at videography jobs, she handles all production and billing of invoices.


Outside of the office, Camille will be found adventuring with her husband and dog Lilly.  They enjoy hiking, skiing, camping and traveling together.  The rest of her spare time is usually spent trying out new recipes, gardening, spending time with her family or checking out the new brewery in town.


Harry Furball

Harry Furball (name changed to protect the innocent), is an occasional visitor to the Schmitt Reporting & Video office.  He is Jan’s cat and loves hanging out with his second family at the office.  His favorite spots in the office to curl up are anywhere where somebody is already sitting.  He also likes to curl up on top of papers that are currently being looked at.


When not trying to claim someone else’s space, Harry loves to pop into the conference room.  He has even been known to voice his opinions during office meetings.  Though he looks a little grumpy, that’s just for show.  Harry is a sweetheart, and if you spot him in the office, feel free to say Hi and give him a quick pet.

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