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Forgot to Schedule a Massage? No problem!Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

Would you like some relief from the often overused and sore court reporting muscle areas? There’s no better investment than a foam roller. Foam rollers can vary in densities from soft to extra firm, as well as full, half, quarter and even smaller sizes. I recommend the full size (so you can roll out your entire back) and medium density. Using a foam roller to roll out your entire body is the equivalent of a body massage. When you are using the roller and you encounter a sensitive area or a knot, simply hold there for 30 seconds. This allows oxygen to get to the muscle, which reduces muscle tightness. With continued use, just like with massage, your sensitivity will dissipate.

You can also use a foam roller to stretch. My favorite stretch is the Snow Angel Stretch (I made up the name). Lay on the roller with the base of your skull at one end and your tailbone at the other end so the roller is running the entire length of your spine. Now, take your arms over head with the insides of your elbows at your ears and move them down your sides, like you’re making a snow angel. You will feel an amazing stretch in your chest and arms. I don’t suggest you move your legs, as you have a good chance of simply falling over.

Foam Rolling Rule:  Never foam-roll any joint or your stomach.

For an excellent foam-rolling routine, check out celebrity trainer Ashley Borden’s Full-Body Rolling Out Routine – Perfect Form.  Ashley explains and demonstrates quickly and simply how to roll out your body, as well as how to counteract the effects of sitting for long hours each day.

Another way to combat sore and aching muscles is a hot bath. Epsom salts have many virtues, namely magnesium and sulfates. Magnesium plays a number of important roles in the body, including regulating over 325 enzymes, reducing inflammation, helping muscle and nerve function and helping to prevent hardening of the arteries. Sulfates help improve absorption of nutrients, flush toxins and also can ease migraine headaches.

Due to changes in our agriculture and diet, magnesium levels in the last century have dropped by 50%. While you might think magnesium supplements would do the trick, they are not easily absorbed through the digestive tract. The good news is that both magnesium and sulfates are easily absorbed through the skin. All you have to do is simply add two cups of Epsom salts to a hot bath and soak for at least twelve minutes three times weekly. Note that you can purchase large quantities of Epsom salts at your local feed store for a fraction of the price.  What you don’t use in the bathtub, you can use in your garden soil.

Now get out there and pamper yourself!

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