A court reporter, also known as a “stenographer,” is a highly trained professional who provides an integral and necessary service to our legal system.

As dedicated custodians of the record, court reporters rely on a highly refined set of skills to accomplish the task of capturing the spoken word in realtime with the use of a Stenotype machine, a special shorthand keyboard.  An advanced court reporter can offer realtime services in which they provide instantaneous conversion of the spoken word from their steno machine which is then displayed on a TV, computer, or smart device, in real time. This also allows their clients immediate access to the transcript.

In general, a court reporter must:

  • Achieve a shorthand speed of minimally 225 wpm
  • Be proficient in English, grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Have an excellent understanding of legal and business ethics
  • Have an exceptional understanding of legal principles and medical terminology
  • Possess a high level of professionalism


If you’re interested in a career in court reporting begin with an “Intro to Steno” course through Project Steno or the NCRA’s “A to Z™”  prior to applying to a court reporting program.  “Intro to Steno” courses are FREE to applicants, take 6 – 8 weeks to complete, and give you a hands-on introduction to the profession to see if applying to court reporting school is right for you.

Additionally, Project Steno and the NCRA offer scholarships and grants to students who complete an “Intro to Steno” course AND attended a school approved by their program.

For more information, please contact courtreporter@veritext.com.

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