A Digital Reporter (“DR”) is a trained officiant who captures the verbatim record of a deposition or other legal proceeding via high-quality digital audio equipment. As litigation continues to rise nationwide, and the technology used to capture testimony evolves, there is a tremendous need for Digital Reporters who can take remote and in-person assignments. Veritext is growing our team across the US and Canada.

Once qualified for work, independent contractor Digital Reporters will have the opportunity to take remote and in-person assignments and make a great living through paid reporting work. One of the excellent benefits of working as a Digital Reporter is choosing assignments that match your schedule. You set your own hours. Apply Now and get started.

When you accept assignments through Veritext, you will have access to the widest pool of work in the industry, which means – you choose your schedule and work the hours you want. What’s more, there are multiple pay tiers compensating for the equipment and experience different reporters have with lots of room for advancement.

As litigation continues to increase nationwide, Veritext is on a mission to work with the most exceptional partners to support the rapidly growing demand for freelance digital court reporters, legal videographers, and legal transcribers throughout North America.

You can become a Digital Reporter through the Veritext Partner Program and receive an introduction to the profession through practical and hands-on exposure, as well as ongoing support. Applicants new to digital reporting will be accepted into the program by gaining experience through a pre-approved Digital Reporting Introduction course.

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